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We humanize organizations

Working alongside you, we foster connectivity
within and between teams and with the purpose and
values of your organization.

We are the preferred partner for organizations aiming to positively transform their work environment. Our expertise lies in creating a ‘”great place to be”, fostering connections within and between teams, all the while aligning with your organization’s purpose and values.

What we do

Team connectivity

Inter-team connectivity

Purpose connectivity

Our beliefs

In a time where tapping into and retaining talent, employee well-being, and successful change are more challenging than ever, a different perspective is needed. This calls for a more human approach at leadership level.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of genuine attention—attention to individuals and fostering meaningful connections. Our emphasis is on understanding what successful change and teamwork demands from people: connection.

Wanneer we aandacht hebben voor verbinding, ontstaat er een werkomgeving waarin mensen zich gezien voelen. Er wordt op een positieve manier samengewerkt binnen een organisatie die haar purpose en waarden in praktijk brengt. Het vergroten van verbinding draagt bij aan meer werkgeluk, maakt het behouden en aanboren van talent makkelijker, verbetert samenwerking binnen en tussen teams en versterkt het vermogen tot verandering.

Our approach

How we get started

Our approach to the 'how' involves four concrete steps: generating insight, translating it into daily practice, stimulating action, and reflecting. Rooted in a people-centric methodology, we integrate models from behavioral and change science with years of practical experience.

How we do things matters. For people and therefore for sustainably successful organizations.

About Eye for Attention

Making organizations more human

Eye for Attention was founded by Simone Olthof. Eye for Attention is an agency of people and culture experts. We are a network of professionals who share the common belief that the power of attention is vital in addressing the challenges of our time. We make organizations more human and thus sustainably successful.

Become curious?

We are definitely curious about you! Meeting new people is always valuable. We believe in the power of connection and are fostering a growing network of inspiring clients, colleagues, and peers. Schedule a (virtual) coffee moment without obligation here.